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Axel Devons

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Axel Devons  Empty Axel Devons

Post by Axel Devons on Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:40 am

Axel Devons  497cfc10
Axel Brian Devons

The Basics

First Name:Axel
Middle Name:Brian
Age: 23 or so (33)
Sexual Orientation:Straight


Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Ice Blue
Skin Tone:Very pale
Weight:120 lbs (very thin)
Height:6'0 (rather tall)
Clothing Style: Dark clothing, lots of metal pointy shinies (chains, spikes, wristbands, piercings, etc.), and of course his backpack in which he carries all of his stuff. everywhere. All the time.
Destinct Markings: Tattoos? Where shall we begin...Three on his left arm (a burning log with an evil face, gothic ankh, and the number 666 done in dark purple), one across his upper back of a bloody angel (fallen I guess), one on each ankle which are matching images of daggers slicing through a heart, annnnnd.....lots of facial and er...body...piercings.

Let me see the power

Special Ability: He doesn't seem to have a true "sepcial ability"...but his speed is phenomonal. He can move with extreme speed for medium-length periods of time without getting tired, but must rest if he goes for too long. His simply calls this Sprinting. He van use this abiltiy to either get from point a to point b, or attack with great speed.
Element: Air, Fire.
Other: All the usual vampirey stuff.. Increased Strength, intelligence, has the ability to mesmerize people (without sparkling -__-), and telepathy.


Personality: Axel is a bit of a player...He loves to court the ladies~ His charm is that he is thoughtful, artistic, and most of all...he is a musician. He plays guitar and sings. But once he feeds, he seems to gain a connection with that person. He often feeds from women, and considers them regular doners. He has a way of manipulating others to do what he wants...but not in a cruel or sadistic way. Since he has a strong talent in singing, he likes to write songs in his free time. Oh yes, and he is ambitious : D ! Axel has always been fascinated by death and dying. He wonders where you go....who is there....when do we die and why? He is a deep thinker and likes to discuss the heavier topics with those he trusts. He has never believed in one true god, but perhaps several external forces that just want to help those who ask. However buried under all of these strengths.... Axel has several weaknesses. One of which being children. He has a real soft spot for children, and will often put himself on the line for them. Others include his endurance level being a little low (thankfully he strikes with speed and force and can take someone out quickly...although it rarely comes to that point with him), his slightly submissive nature, and a real soft spot for "loners". Axel sees life as something that should be honored...not wasted. So he tries to live by these words: "Live like every day is your last."

  • Writing
  • Playing Guitar/Singing
  • Children
  • Loners
  • Thinking


  • Overconfident People
  • Rudeness/Ignorance
  • Hate
  • Classical Music
  • Honestly...he really dislikes men due to bad past experiences. But not to the point where he is afraid or violent towards them.


Date Of Birth: January 4.
Parents: Long dead.
Siblings: No actual blood siblings, but he does have a lot of "brothers" and "sisters" from his gang days. He has since lost connection with these people though.
Good Life Memory:Becoming a vampire.
Bad Life Memory:Twenty seconds before becoming a vampire, where he was crawling on the ground coughing up blood attempting to get away from a man who was beating the living *bleep* out of him....
History: "The past is the past." is Axel's motto. He hates thinking about it. Born and raised in New York City, he grew up around a lot of violence and hatred. Each day...he saw crime, witnessed murder, heard screams and begging for mercy, and he was sick of it by the age of 15. His parents had been dead for years by that time. He grew up on the streets...he grew up living the rough life. But he was always watched out for by his "gang". He was always the smart one...knew the back streets well, could outsmart the cops, could outsmart the crooks too. So everyone wanted to be on his good side. One day, on his 16th birthday actually, a rival gang attacked his gang...and he fought with what little physical strength he possessed, only to fail epically. Three of his gang died during that fight. And that's when he realized what he was living in. He was in a world of crime and hate. And if someone didn't want to put up with "your shit" then you were dead meat in their eyes. So Axel set out to become better than them. He brought a few of his gang members to upstate New York where they lived in Saugerties for a while, hanging on the streets and staying well out of sight of the residents. They were outsiders in that territory...and back home, being an outsider was bad news. But to Saugerties...they were just the loners. They hid. They took up space. They weren't so easy to catch because of how "tough" they were. On a night where his friends were out trying to scrounge up some food and he was back in their makeshift home guarding it, three teenagers broke in. They beat the living shit out of Axel. *Worst life memory!* He tried to get away...however at this point he was bleeding from several internal organs, external areas, and coughing up blood. A vampire answered his weak cries for help. Long story short, this vampire (James Dupont) "fixed" this problem by killing all three teens and turning and kidnapping Axel. The first place they wound up was Moonshadow Beach, where he was left for good. No friends. No family. No anything. So we begin our modern day Axel...
Axel Devons
Axel Devons

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Post by Migoto on Thu Sep 09, 2010 4:35 pm

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