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Chase Phoenix

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Chase Phoenix

Post by Chase on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:23 am

Chase Phoenix

Name: Chase Phoenix

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Angel

Sexuality: Straight

Other importaint info:

Likes: Living Life, Having Fun, His Job as a Angel Detective

Dislikes: His Unknown Demon powers, Annoyances, Evilness and Darkness (Cause its so dumb to him XDDD)

Massive Angelic Energy,
Unstable Dark powers
Amazing Speed
Accelerated Healing

Personality: He the school cool guy, and 1st biggest punk in the school, he the rebellious type to raise a little hell here and there which constantly ends him being in detention. He doesn't care much for school, but he sure loved the ladies a little but not enough to do anything but they sure love him a lot even the female teachers do. Now outside of school, he a bit of a drinker but not enough to get flat drunk, he even works at a club. But aside of his Job he is completely ruthless and unforgiving, he will destroy everything dark even himself when he gets the chance

History: Chase was born and raised in a home with a rich family in a distant city. He was smart one compared to his siblings at the time so he was an easy target to get bullied. Eventually he coudln't take much more of it so he took up a job at a club at a early age, he was always uptight and stric about everything, but until this smoking hot teenage girl came up to him taking him to dance for while to loosen up, after a while she kissed him which made him kinda felt real different inside, he understands that he could have fun and at school, that he had to loosen up or his life will be full on boring. As the girl dissappears he devoted himself to have as much fun, till then he was killed by a explosion which sent him to heaven, he was given a chance to get his body back but in return he must cleanese the earth of all that is dark as a angel detective, until one day he was in a unknown dark realm which cause a unbalance chain reaction cause of his massive angel energy, he was thrown back to earth, but he felt weird feeling a dark surge flowing through him....he devoted himself to destroy himself after he cleanse the earth of all evil demons
Hi, I'm Dre. I'm a kick ass angel and i can kick your ass because Migoto gave me permission.
Hi, I'm Dre. I'm a kick ass angel and i can kick your ass because Migoto gave me permission.

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Re: Chase Phoenix

Post by Migoto on Sun Aug 08, 2010 6:39 am

Ok, so before i read this i'm like... "Who's he?" but then i read the application and i saw girls and angel detective. So i knew it was you Dre.

Anyways... APPROVED XD
Most Awsomely awsome Admin Cassie
Most Awsomely awsome Admin Cassie

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