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Pandora Kamikaze WIP

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Pandora Kamikaze WIP Empty Pandora Kamikaze WIP

Post by Pandora on Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:08 pm

Pandora Kamikaze

The Basics

First Name: Pandora
Middle Name: Kyoki
Surname: Kamikaze
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (21)
Species: Neko
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Hair Color: Stringy jet black hair often work up in a messy bun.
Eye Color: A mix between a navy blue and a violet purple.
Skin Tone: Fairly tanned. Flawless complexion.
Weight: 112 lb.
Height: 5'3"
Clothing Style: Often wears a loose big shirt with short shorts or skinny jeans. If wearing shorts with her shirt, she has knee-high socks (often striped). Wears more dark colors than light.
Destinct Markings: Scar on her stomach from a stab.

Let me see the power

Special Ability: She can warm or cool down her blood to adapt her body to the weather so she can be more comfortable. She can also rid her body of her blood's scent to protect herself (even when it is outside of her body-- but only within a mile radius).
Element: Blood (only her own or anyone who gives consent) and electricity.Other: She is an amazing gymnast and is able to act like a child to get herself
out of serious trouble.


Personality: She a seductive girl who is more playful than anything around other girls. She is most comfortable around other nekos such as herself. She has to deal with an abusive and horrific past and a painful scar.



Date Of Birth: (month and day)
Good Life Memory:
Bad Life Memory:
History: (A GOOD paragraph OR MORE about you life experiences)


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