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Kigumari, Rakku

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Kigumari, Rakku Empty Kigumari, Rakku

Post by Rakku on Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:58 pm

[center]Kigumari, Rakku 9c0cc3e4
(Rakku kigumari)

The Basics

First Name:Rakku
Middle Name:Sen
Age: 17 (15)
Species: Dragon (Magic user...i think thats what a dragon would be classified as.)
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


Hair Color: Pitch black and short. In a guys hairdo.
Eye Color: hazel with streaks of gold.
Skin Tone: Rakku is a little bit darker then pale with no blemishes or other skin problems.
Weight: 98lbs.
Height: 5'7''
Clothing Style: Rakku usually wears a black shirt with sleeves sticking out from underneath (See pic above) but it is always covered by a black jacket that her mother gave her before they were separated by an unknown cause. The hood of the jacket is always up. Her pants are baggy but not too baggy. They are colored a dark grey. (Also, No hat.)
Destinct Markings: Rakku's ears are pointed at the tips. She has a tattoo of a long black dragon from her right shoulder to her right wrist. She also has large, black dragon wings on her back.

Let me see the power

Special Ability: Rakku has the ability of telekenisis. She can move objects and people with her mind. Cons:She has to know what the item looks like, it has to be within a mile of her.
Element: Darkness and fire. Fire is her natural element.
Other: Rakku has a pet dragon named Shiori:
Kigumari, Rakku Anime_baby_drag



  • Playing with fire
  • Her pet Shiori
  • Reading
  • Drawing
  • Ramen noodles


  • Shiori being hurt.
  • Girly girls. (they're very annoying to Rakku)
  • Dead things


Date Of Birth: November 18
Parents:Sanomi kigumari (mother), Dani Kigumari (Father)
Siblings:Suki (sister, human), Tsukai (Brother, Dragon demon, full)
Good Life Memory:Doing her dragon training thing alone.
Bad Life Memory: Getting sucked through a portal and coming to Beneath the Stars.
Life and childhood~
Rakku and her siblings got along very well. If you count endless fights for pointless reasons. They only got along when company came. Though it was only family because of their being demons. Rakku's father had married a human. Rakku was the middle child.
Beneath the Stars~
One morning, two years after Tsukai had gone on his own, Rakku's parents told her of a test she had to complete. She had to stay alive, deep in a large forest, for one month. Rakku was scared of going off on her own but she knew nothing would happen.
On the fifteenth day Rakku went hunting and found a rabbit. She hated to do it but she killed it. Rakku also went to a bush for berries for Shiori who had come along. She had gone too far with Shiori and got sucked through a portal that teleported her to Beneath the Stars.

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Kigumari, Rakku Empty Re: Kigumari, Rakku

Post by Migoto on Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:28 pm


"I believe in miracles, I believe in fate, I believe that I can make a difference, and I have faith that everything that's happens has made me who I am today."

Kigumari, Rakku Migoto10
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