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Lynk Daesyri

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Lynk Daesyri Empty Lynk Daesyri

Post by Lynk Daesyri on Fri Aug 27, 2010 8:05 am

Lynk Daesyri Wolffo11
Lynk Daesyri Emo_bo11
Lynk Daesyri

The Basics

First Name: Lynk
Middle Name:--
Age: 19 (19! :3)
Sexual Orientation: Gay


Hair Color:Black with neon green highlights
Eye Color:Neon Green
Skin Tone:Rosy-peachy
Weight:155 lbs in human form. 184 lbs in wolf form.
Height:5'8 in human form. 4'0 at the shoulder in wolf form.
Clothing Style: LOTS of neon green! He dresses emo/punk, wearing a lot of greens, blacks, and sometimes bright red pins on his messenger bag, which he is rarely caught without. As for in his wolf form...he does wear arm warmers and a scarf. Because even wolves have to have fashion, right?
Destinct Markings: Lip Ring, Eyebrow Pierced, Nose stud, and three earrings in the left ear.

Let me see the power

Special Ability: Aura Control- He can distort the aura of others around him, as well as use aura to heal, hurt, or do a variety of other things. Just like some can control fire or ice or water or whatever, he can control aura. This does however take a lot of energy. Healing takes less than hurting, manipulating takes more than both. After manipulating or hurting another with aura, he has to rest and is not able to shift for 20 minutes following. He can use this power in both forms.
Element: Aura? I guess?
Other: Improved Strength, speed, and senses.


Personality: Lynk is very bubbly and happy most of the time. He LOOOOVES music, and is constantly listening to his iPod. He has old fashioned headphones and everything~! Although he is usually quite happy and optimistic, he has his dark and down side. He can get extremely emotional at times, especially when the subject of Vampires comes up. He never seems to be actually ANGRY with anyone...but he does get irritated sometimes. He's pretty chill. But his biggest downfall is his depression. He struggles with depression, bipolar disorder (which is bordering schizophrenia...) and anxiety. He sometimes becomes so depressed that he brings others around him down. His aura is full of mixed emotions.

  • Music
  • Shinies
  • Chocolate/Coffee. Or better yet, chocolate coffee!


  • Loud Noise
  • Harm To Nature
  • Vampires....


Date Of Birth: September 23rd
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: Think he's dead.
Good Life Memory: His first full shift into human.
Bad Life Memory: Finding his parents dead.
History: Lynk grew up in a small town in New York. He was born while his mother was in wolf form, and so his wolf form his very strong. Instead of learning to shift from human to wolf, he spent is time shifting from wolf to human. Wolf was his main form. Living in the forests around New Paltz, he eventually mastered his shifting and moved into the town itself. Him and his siblings were out a lot, mostly having fun or taking their classes at the New Paltz high school. In November of 2009, Lynk came home to the forest to find his parents dead. Killed by a vampire. Lynk became depressed after that, and now has anxiety as well. He is terrified of Vampires, and often gets very qiet and depressed when the topic of vampires comes up. Lynk moved to escape from the memories that now shrouded all of New Paltz. He left without saying anything, and his siblings think he's dead. Now he is here, hoping to find a new life within the unfamiliar faces...
Lynk Daesyri
Lynk Daesyri

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Lynk Daesyri Empty Re: Lynk Daesyri

Post by Migoto on Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:32 am


Awwwhhh... Sad history but great character!
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