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Matori Maxutus

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Matori Maxutus Empty Matori Maxutus

Post by Matori on Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:41 am

Matori Maxutus Anime%20sexy%
Matori Maxutus

The Basics

First Name:Matori
Middle Name:Tsumetai
Age: 18
Species:Ice Demon
Sexual Orientation:Straight


Hair Color:white, with a glowing blue round it
Eye Color:baby blue
Skin Tone:very very pale
Clothing Style: Matori usually wears bright colors, mostly white summery dresses,
Destinct Markings: none

Let me see the power

Special Ability: The ablity is to control ice and water, To form it into any shape or form and is often used in fighting to defend herself or others, The ice can be made into sharp objects but the only thing is that it is easly melted by fire or warm areas, Matori gets tired after using the tech. because it drains energy.
Element: Water(ice? is that an element)
Other: (any other physical or mental strength)


Personality:Matori is a very lively person, she doesn't just like to sit around and be bored, she is often hyper or seeming like she is high, She isn't the nicest of people and doesn't make any friends because she is shy when it comes to people, She likes to kill and have fun with peoples minds, she likes to screw with their heads and make people confused. Matori enjoys hurting and teasing people she see's.
Like a Star @ heaven Matori likes to play with peoples minds to end up killing them
Like a Star @ heaven Long walks and playing with ice
Like a Star @ heaven guys
Like a Star @ heaven bright clothing

Like a Star @ heaven losing fights
Like a Star @ heaven girls(in the way of love)
Like a Star @ heaven Fire and warm places
Like a Star @ heaven getting pinned dowen or trapt


Date Of Birth: 16.01
Parents:The hell beast
Siblings: Garomar(21-dead), Balton(19-dead), Lucie(19-dead), Rebekah(17-not around), unnamed(14-unseen)
Good Life Memory:Getting onto earth
Bad Life Memory:Living in hell with brothers and sisters

History: Matori was born from a hell beast with brothers and a sister awaiting her, They bulied her alot just because she was younger than them, She just wanted out, But her hell beast of a father told her there was no world outside hell, Matori wanted to prove him wrong.

November 13th and matori was planing on fiding out if there was a world outside of the one she was in, she longed for someplace else. She did everything to escape but no matter how hard she tired she stayed in the same place. She thought onw day that maybe if she kills her father her and her brothers and sister could go free, But on November 13th a new born was created she was age 17 and sent away.

Matori always wondered what happened to her sister Rebekah and how she was sent away, if she was then to where? Matori now knew what she had to do, in the middle of the nights she sneaked into her brother and sisters room and killed each one of them, starting with Garomar, who was the biggest bully, then balton the lucie, She then sneaked to where rebekah was created and found a hole in a stone. Matori touched the stone and appeared in a forest.

Later on matori realised she was in a place unfimilar to her, She walked round and realised she was so cold compared to everything else. Matori soon began to find out about different powers she had, on able to turn ice into shapes with her mind, She then began to develope different skills and found new clothes to wear, She stumbled on a forgotten cave and sat in for shelter. She wasn't used to it and was scared.

Days went by and then months, Matori had her own little home now and then once she was settled she started college. Where she was getting bullyed for being different, She accidently killed the people making fun of her and thats when she snapped, After seeing someone dying she couldn't live a normal life, She started to kill everyone that tried to get close to her and fell a bit insane, Of Course though it wasn't her fault, she wasn't ment for this world.

Matori now lives alone in an old abandoned indoor ice rink, All the machienory works fine so she can keep the place nice and cold for herself. In all of this stuff happenening in her life meant that she had no time for fun, So she has never drank, Took drugs, smoked or had sex.

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Matori Maxutus Empty Re: Matori Maxutus

Post by Migoto on Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:05 am

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Most Awsomely awsome Admin Cassie

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