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Antiope Empty Antiope

Post by Antiope on Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:26 am

Antiope 2whgxs3

The Basics

First Name: Antiope (Anti-Oh-Pay)
Middle Name: unknown
Surname: unknown
Gender: female
Age: 23 (23)
Species: Demon (Minotaur)
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual


Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Light Red
Skin Tone: Pale
Weight: 153
Height: 5’10”
Clothing Style: Though Greek in her descent, she wears the kimono above in her character picture.
Destinct Markings: Antiope has many scars on her body due to battles. Many of them are on her stomach and back, though the few on her face she covers with make-up.

Let me see the power

Special Ability: Antiope's special ability is quite odd. When completing an order that involves
trying to injure or kill someone, she becomes "charmed." In other words, she can keep her body moving
after massive damage done to it. So even if you puncture an internal organ, she will keep moving
until her objective is completed or canceled. Though the problem with that is that all the damage that
is done, builds up and does massive impact on her body after the "charm" wears off, as to the point that if these wounds are not noticed by herself or someone else right away, she could end up dead.
Antiope 28-1
Element: Earth and Spirit
Other: Aella is a minotaur, so when in her human form, she can exert that muscle power.


Personality: Antiope has a “bad” personality. She has
a low tolerance to annoyance, which she finds MANY things annoying, and if she
gets too annoyed, she gets mean. Antiope can also be quite the romantic person if
you can get onto that side of her. For the one she loves, she will always be
loyal and will protect them at all coasts.
• When she can access her peaceful state of mind.
• The piano. (Playing, or just listening.)
• The dark.

• Annoying things, people or whatever it may be.
• Her old holding cell.
• Being in overly crowded areas.


Date Of Birth: May 2nd.
Parents: Unknown.
Siblings: Unknown.
Good Life Memory: Her slight memory of being held by her father and sung to sleep by her mother.
Bad Life Memory: Almost every day in her holding cell.
History: Antiope was born somewhere in Greece. She was named Antiope after the Amazonian Princess, since when she was first born, she was born as royalty, though she was born “ready to fight” as her parents put it. Antiope had begun life as a spoiled happy child, until she turned four. When Antiope had turned four, the people had learned of her identity as a minotaur. When finding this out, the slew her parents and siblings and took her away someplace unknown, but still in Greece. Antiope doesn’t even really remember her old life, except slight glimpses in her memory.

While in the unknown place, she was trained as a warrior but kept alone in a dark holding cell. In that holding cell, some people could walk by and see her, though she rarely paid any attention to them. She was starved and when the Greek Military would get a prisoner of war, they would get the information they wanted from them then toss them into Antiope’s cell. She hated it, but due to being starved, she would eat them. Their remains would then be sent back to the enemy, to strike fear into their hearts.

When Antiope became about 15, they began to place her on the battle field, though she would still be kept in a holding cell and starved when not on duty. Her captors released her from the holding cell when some of their own soldiers started disappearing because Antiope was hungry. She was only released from that cell a single year ago. Since then, there have been no incidents of Antiope eating anyone. She is now free to walk among the people. Over in Greece, she is beloved by her people, though in other places, only a feared rumor.

Antiope came to this place when she was allowed a leave of absence for her good behavior.
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Antiope Empty Re: Antiope

Post by Migoto on Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:49 am

Oh.My.Stars. I LOVE this! Thank you for the great history too ^^

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