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Raijin, Thunderkeg

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Raijin, Thunderkeg Empty Raijin, Thunderkeg

Post by Sono on Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:29 pm

Raijin, Thunderkeg Raijin_Thunderkeg_Storm_Spirit_by_C
Raijin, Thunderkeg

Human Form:
Raijin, Thunderkeg 3476tlt

The Basics

First Name: Raijin
Middle Name: N/A
Surname: Thunderkeg
Gender: Male
Age: 40's (5000)
Species: Magic User (Pandarian Razz)
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Hair Color: Black and white fur
Eye Color: white
Skin Tone: N/a
Weight: 326 lbs
Height: 6'8
Clothing Style: Old world Japan. Hermit
Destinct Markings: N/A

Let me see the power

Special Ability: Lighting ball: Raijin travels through the air or even wires as pure electricity. Raijin can only use this ability to travel, It has no harmful effects. Raijin can use the ability to strike the ground as a lighting bolt.
Element: Lightning.
Other: N/A


Personality: Raijin is calm, cool, and collected. He loves to travel the world and watch it change. He's not a big fan of cowards or fighting.

* Tea

* Traveling

* Dumplings


* Cowards

* Fighting



Date Of Birth: Unknown.
Parents: N/A
Siblings: Magnix, the pandarian brewmaster
Good Life Memory: the gift of his lightning power.
Bad Life Memory: His people going into hiding
History: Raijin was born pretty much a deity of the element of lighting. His people are a ancient race of thought to be extinct race of Druids and shamans of the earth. Raijins people went into hiding out of fear of another deity and very few of them even roam the earth anymore. Raijin was blessed with his power from their gods and was made a powerful warrior who seeks to defend anyone and everyone from evil of any sort.

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Raijin, Thunderkeg Empty Re: Raijin, Thunderkeg

Post by Migoto on Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:33 pm

Approved!! *glomps Sono*
Most Awsomely awsome Admin Cassie
Most Awsomely awsome Admin Cassie

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