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Ari Mysfit

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Ari Mysfit Empty Ari Mysfit

Post by Abel Beaumont on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:41 pm

Ari Mysfit 3-8610
Arabella Mysfit


Name:Arabella "Ari" Mysfit
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: (Necromancer) Neko
Sexuality: Bisexual

Other importaint info:

Likes: Coffee, the color blue, tattoos, piercings, and drinking.
Dislikes: super romantic stuff and silence.
Powers: Death magic, Shadow Claws (claws that are made of shadows and produce poison)
Personality: Playful, usually happy, very fiesty, a little hyper, and often times mischeivious...She is a gothic neko. No more needs to be said.
History: Ari was born and raised a Necromancer by one of her brothers, as her parents left her and her siblings when she was still very young. She learned the ways of a necromancer and when it was time for her first ritual, she messed up and raised a very powerful Demon named "Nex Angelus". This demon killed her remaining family, and destroyed her home...but it spared her. It told her that she was special, and so it left her, only 10 years old, lying in the rubble of her home. But she stayed positive. She lived on the streets for a while...but after a while, she found that her powers were becoming uncontrollable. So she left her hometown of London to train in the wilderness....she stumbled upon a place called Moonshadow Beach, and has lived there ever since she found it. Since she is still young...not much has happened in her life. But she intends to change that, as Ari really hates being bored.
Abel Beaumont
Abel Beaumont
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Lackey the Delivery Dwarf

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Ari Mysfit Empty Re: Ari Mysfit

Post by Migoto on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:42 pm


I like it too XD
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Most Awsomely awsome Admin Cassie

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